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You spend a lifetime accumulating your assets. You should have control over their ultimate disposition. A properly implemented estate planning strategy helps you accomplish this important goal. The process gives you an opportunity to focus on your future, identify your assets, and implement a plan based on your choices.
The Washington estate planning process deals with end-of-life, disability, healthcare, family, and relationship issues. Some people prefer to avoid these sensitive topics, so they delay making important estate decisions. At Bonin Law, our estate planning attorney makes the process as comfortable as possible by providing compassionate, knowledgeable service.

Why Choose Bonin Law?

Our seasoned lawyers have worked with Washington clients throughout Mason, Thurston, Grays Harbor, and Island Counties. We understand that estate planning isn’t necessarily a pleasant, one-size-fits-all process. We take the time to listen to your concerns, and we assist you in addressing the issues you might find uncomfortable. Our attorney helps you identify your estate planning goals, and we tailor a personal plan with options that meet your needs.

To help make the process efficient and productive, we ask our clients to prepare ahead of time. When you provide information that clearly identifies your assets, liabilities, and proposed beneficiaries, we can establish a plan to manage them.

Estate Planning Attorney Oak Harbor WA
Financial Data
Real Property Documentation
Personal Property Inventory
Debt Documentation
Insurance Policies
Heirs and Beneficiaries
Existing Wills, Trusts, other Estate Documents

Estate Planning Options

When we structure your estate plan, we can take steps to document your assets, preserve your estate, and outline your desired asset distribution. We can also address healthcare and end-of-life medical decisions. Our estate planning attorney executes a variety of legal instruments to formalize your choices.

Strategies for Preserving Your Estate

Our estate planning attorney can review your assets and set up safeguards to preserve their value. In many instances, these strategies can help reduce your estate’s tax burden.

  • Charitable trusts and donations
  • Marital asset transfers
  • Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
  • Lifetime gifts to relatives
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Life insurance
  • Annuities

Wills and Trusts

Estate planning attorneys often use wills to address asset distribution. Some clients prefer trusts as they offer additional asset management options.


Your will documents your wishes as to who receives your assets after your death. It formalizes your designated beneficiaries and names a personal representative to oversee the administrative process. Wills limit a probate court’s involvement in distributing your assets.

Living Trusts

In Washington, attorneys are the only professionals with the authority to prepare a living trust. Our attorney can review your personal circumstances to determine if you should consider placing your assets in a trust. Trusts offer a number of potential benefits.

  • Transferring assets from your estate may reduce your tax liability.
  • You can designate a trustee to manage your assets when you can’t manage them yourself.
  • You may include inheritance and distribution instructions that function similarly to a will.
  • Trusts are more private than a will as they aren’t publicly accessible.

Your trust can be revocable, which gives you the option to change your mind. You can also establish an irrevocable trust, which means you can’t modify the arrangement once it’s in place.

Health Directives

Your estate plan should consider health directives regardless of your age. They formalize your healthcare and end-of-life wishes should an illness, condition, or catastrophic injury render you unable to make your own decisions.

Living Will

This document tells healthcare institutions your desires for treatment when you can’t make the choices yourself.

  • Medical Preferences
  • Extreme Medical Measures
  • Resuscitation

Healthcare Power of Attorney

A POA gives your designated representative authority to make medical decisions on your behalf. They assume this role if you have no chance of regaining consciousness or you suffer from permanent, significant cognitive losses.

Mental Healthcare Directive

A mental healthcare directive gives a designated representative power to make mental health decisions on your behalf when you can no longer make sound decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my assets if I don’t establish an estate plan?

When you don’t plan your estate, the duty falls to the probate court in your jurisdiction. A judge appoints a personal representative to administer your estate. The courts usually distribute the assets based on Washington Estate and Trust codes.

What if I want to give my half of our home to my children instead of allowing it to go to my wife?

You may consider allowing your wife a life tenancy. She can stay in the home until her death. Your share would then revert to your designated beneficiaries. You can discuss other options with our estate attorney.

What happens if I become mentally disabled?
When you sign a mental healthcare directive, the person you choose will have the authority to make decisions on your behalf.

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