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Legal Services in Mason, Island, Thurston, and Grays Harbor Counties.

Business responsibilities begin long before you finalize your business plan, and they continue indefinitely. Some people rely on do-it-yourself strategies, but consulting with a legal professional is always a more prudent option. Whether you’re just starting your business, or you’ve encountered an unexpected legal complication, Bonin Law can help you. Our Washington formation/business law attorneys provide critical legal services to help you operate your businesses confidently.

Bonin Law Formation/Business Law Attorneys

At Bonin Law, we understand that entrepreneurship can present new challenges every day. Our legal team has helped business clients in Mason, Island, Thurston, and Grays Harbor Counties. We have assisted them throughout their formation, development, and operational stages. Our lawyers are committed to taking care of our clients’ ongoing legal needs so they can spend their time running their businesses.

Owning and Operating a Business in Washington State

If you’re a seasoned business owner, you realize that your decision to start a business was far easier than what came next. Whatever the business model, an owner must comply with a list of operational demands, governmental mandates, and employee expectations.

Federal regulations and Washington Title 9 RCW: Business Regulations spell out numerous requirements. Some counties and cities have additional business codes and regulations. Our formation/business law attorney can explain how these and other issues apply to your new or existing business.

Washington Formation/Business Law Attorneys

Business Structure and Ownership

Your business structure choice usually goes hand in hand with your financial decisions. We spend time learning about your business, so we can help you decide which structure is appropriate.

Sole proprietorship:

You own your business 100%, and you’re responsible for all day-to-day operations.

General Partnership:

You and your partner(s) jointly own your business. You share all assets, profits, financial liabilities, and legal liabilities.

Limited Liability Company:

An LLC shields owners from legal responsibilities incurred due to their business operations.


You exchange shares of your company for assets or cash investments.

Corporations and LLCs must register with Washington’s Secretary of State. They must also name a registered agent with the authority to accept lawsuits and other legal notifications on their behalf. Corporations formed in other states must meet Washington guidelines.

Licenses and Permits

To operate a business in Washington, you must obtain a business license. You may also need specific permits to perform certain operations. If you have locations or conduct business in several cities, each city may have its own licensing and permit guidelines.

Business Name

If you use a business name other than your given name, you must register it as a trade name. The name you chose must differ from others on file with the Secretary of State.


When you choose an image to represent your business, it cannot appear substantially similar to any image previously registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO recommends that registrants work with an attorney to ensure trademark clearance, application accuracy, registration maintenance, trademark defense, and compliance with other legal issues.

City, State, and Federal Taxes

Local and federal governmental entities require that you understand and comply with tax requirements.

Employer Requirements

When you hire an employee, you must comply with multiple state, local, and federal regulations. Here are a few:

  • Correct IRS employment designation (employee vs independent contractor)
  • State, local, and federal tax withholding guidelines, state unemployment compensation guidelines, and FICA
  • Workers’ compensation insurance through the Washington Department of Labor & Industry
  • Compliance with OSHA Safety Standards
  • Compliance with federal and state discrimination laws
  • Report new hires to Homeland Security

Legal Protection

Our attorney can review, identify, explain, and help protect your company against potentially uninsured liability exposures.

Formation/Business Law Attorneys in Washington

If you’re building a new business or need assistance with an existing operation, we provide the legal help you need. Contact Bonin Law at (360) 427-7474 to schedule a consultation with our formation/business law attorney.
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